Biwako Visitors Bureau
Biwako Visitor's Bureau
A Peaceful Island Paradise

The Biwako Visitors Bureau was established in 1952 and, since 2013, has been working to promote tourism to the region. The area is easily accessible: just an hour and a half by train from both Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport, and just 10 minutes from Kyoto.

The region is located in the center of Japan and boasts the islands’ largest lake, Lake Biwa, which accounts for one-sixth of the prefecture's area. The lake is surrounded by verdant mountains, and its tranquil scenery allows visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings.


Satoshi Yamada

Senior Staff

Previously with the Shiga Prefectural Office, Satoshi works for the Biwako Visitors Bureau's Inbound Tourism Department.

Yukiko Dos Reis

Coordinator for International Relations for Tourism

Born and raised in Tokyo,Yukiko lived in the UK for 20 years and worked in the travel industry as a Web Marketer in London. Yukiko speaks English, Portuguese and Japanese.

Shoko Fujii

Manager, Luxury Travel Department, Ayabex Co., Ltd.

Ayabex Co., Ltd. is known as a DMC, and is in charge of sales for the luxury traveler. The comapny also features outdoor travel services as well. 

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