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Hokkaido Treasure Island
Inspirational Private Tours Tailored Just for You.

An award-winning destination management company, Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, Inc. specializes in perfectly tailored experiences individually designed for every client’s specific taste and desire. Their expert team provides a compelling combination of leisure and professional travel advice with knowledge beyond that of the guidebook insider. If your clients are looking for behind-the-scenes access to places in and around Hokkaido and authentic local experiences generally unavailable to the public, this is the travel partner to work with. Their mission is to create a journey of a lifetime for your clients with every program they design.  

Bespoke itineraries can include a nine-day tour to experience the regions abundant wildlife in their natural habitats, private rural tours that include some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, or a winter travel itinerary that includes skiing on powder-fresh slopes with panoramic views like no other, opportunities to visit with a local family and relaxing in soothing hot springs. There is so much to experience with Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, Inc.


Misa Kawata

Travel Consultant

Misa is a local Hokkaido resident who was raised in Hokkaido. Misa loves biking and hiking, and also has experience in dog sledding, hot-air balloon rides, canoeing and canyoning. Of course, meeting local people is also the highlight of any trip, so she prioritizes these experiences. Opening a new door for visitors is always exciting, and Misa looks forward to creating unique journeys for your clients.

Eriko Kakudate

Travel Consultant 

Eriko was born and raised in Hokkaido. Backpacking through various countries and six years experience in HITI as a travel consultant have provided Eriko with many interesting experiences meeting people of various backgrounds. She enjoys hiking in Hokkaido as well as a love for Japanese culture. Eriko looks forward to seeing you soon! 

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