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JTB Global Marketing

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JTB Global Marketing & Travel is your one-stop service provider for destinations throughout Japan. With a nationwide network, supported by highly professional tourism partners, JTB offers a well-organized, diverse portfolio of travel products. Clients are offered unique cultural experiences and celebrated cuisine in key cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as a wide variety of adventure travel programs that offer exhilarating opportunities to experience Japan’s natural settings up close and personal.

JTB also partners with community-based coordinators to provide immersive opportunities designed for a deeper understanding of the fascinating traditions, food cultures and lifestyles found in less-visited towns and rural areas.

Established in 1912, JTB has spent more than 100 years building a trustworthy brand dedicated to fulfilling clients’ highest travel expectations in tandem with providing peace of mind and safety, which remain a top priority. 



Hatsuko Tsujimura

Director of Sales and Marketing

Hatsuko is in charge of sales & marketing for Boutique JTB, luxury tailor-made travel section of JTB Global Marketing & Travel. She is excited to join in the 2022 JNTO Adventure Travel online event to meet new friends and introduce Boutique JTB adventure travel products. She is looking forward to meeting you soon.

Haruka Hiki

North America & Oceania Sales Ad Hoc Team Supervisor

Haruka is experienced in organizing customized services for leisure groups from the South East Asia, North America and Oceania markets. With over six years experience at JTB GMT, she has been creating a great range of trips and working with local tour coordinators to feature hiking and experiencing Japanese culture.

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