San'in Tourism Organization
San'in Tourism Organization
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San‘in stretches from Tottori Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture all the way to Hagi City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This scenic region faces the Sea of Japan with the Chukogu Mountains as a breathtaking backdrop.

Visitors will be treated to some of the oldest history in Japan where authentic Japanese culture and modern-day life are still infused with ancient myths from centuries past. Here, visitors can explore the birthplace of Japan’s first love story at Hakuto Shrine, trek Japan’s largest sand dunes, relax in hot springs, explore numerous shrines and temples, or participate in a host of outdoor activities available in the many national parks and mountain areas. The options are endless.



Yui Matsukawa

Assistant Manager

Yui has been a staff member of San‘in Tourism Organization since 2017. Yui loves travelling and Japanese culture, and is one of San`in culture fans. 

Makoto Morimoto

Deputy Director General

Makoto is a staff member of of the Tottori Prefectural Government. For the past 15 years, the emphasis on attracting international toursts to the San`in area — mainly in Tottori prefecture — has introduced the world to the charm of San`in such as its natrure, history, culture, handmade crafts, Japanese beef and sake.

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