Hida Takayama
Hida Takayama
A Natural Haven in the Japanese Alps

Enveloped by majestic mountains and pristine greenery, Takayama is an extraordinary destination where centuries-old historical tradition and untouched nature co-exist in unique harmony. This city serves as an excellent base to explore the Japanese Alps and is rife with opportunities to enjoy exciting outdoor adventures.
Numerous tour companies offer packages that include hiking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and waterfall climbing. Furthermore, guests can also savor the region’s distinct cuisine, from locally brewed sake to Wagyu Olympic-winning Hida beef. Whether strolling down streets lined with traditional buildings preserved since the Edo period, soaking in the hot springs of nearby Okuhida, or journeying through the verdant crests of the Hida Mountains, Takayama is a place which calls forth the inner adventurous spirit that lies within all of us.


Elizabeth Pang

Coordinator of International Relations

Elizabeth has been employed at Takayama city hall’s Overseas Marketing Strategy Division as a Coordinator of International Relations since fall of 2021. She is a recent graduate of UC San Diego and worked as a freelance Japanese-to-English translator before moving to Japan.

Yoichiro Yamakoshi

Founder & CEO, Happy Plus Corporation

A Takayama native, Yoichiro was inspired by his hobby of volunteering as a nature guide and established the Happy Plus Corporation in 2019. Happy Plus offers locally led tours and has recently embarked on providing online tours with more than 2,000 virtual visitors participating since the pandemic’s start.

Akihiko Yamakoshi

Staff, Overseas Marketing Strategy Division

Akhiko has been involved in Takayama City Hall’s Overseas Marketing Strategy Division since 2020. He is responsible for attracting guests to Takayama.

Shingo Matsuba


Shingo is CEO and co-founder of HIDAIIYO Co., Ltd, which operates the Machiya Stay brand "IORI STAY" and the local tour brand "Hida Local Experience". His company focuses on the Hida region with the aim to revitalize local communities through tourism. He likes reading, skateboarding and the sauna.

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