Letter from the Publisher

As travel advisors continue to navigate the constantly changing global landscape of travel, there are positive signs the industry is revitalizing itself via a fresh look at travel offerings and experiences. Much-needed vacations, destination weddings, multigenerational travel and cruises are just some of the travel opportunities catching the eye of consumers.

As destination restrictions are lifted and with the demand for travel services on the uptick, travel advisors must align with quality partners to deliver the products their clients expect. Within this guide are suppliers from across the travel industry who greatly value the work that advisors are doing — and support you, your business and your clients. New and refreshed properties, enviable amenities and creative F&B are just some of the benefits available to guests. These suppliers take pride in offering quality travel experiences that foster return visits.


We at Travel Weekly and TravelAge West recognize the travel advisor community for all that you do in navigating a fluid business atmosphere to satisfy the needs of your clientele. We admire your dedication, we appreciate your expertise and we are so grateful to you for serving as an ally for the traveling public. Consumer confidence and trust are paramount in a client/travel advisor relationship, and we aim to deliver those same attributes to you as our industry partner.


Thank you, travel advisors! Let’s keep moving forward, working together and nurturing a robust demand for travel — you deserve it.

Anthony Carnevale
Senior Vice President | Group Publisher
Travel Weekly and TravelAge West

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